Brazil national team is one of best football teams in the world. The team never misses FIFA World Cup and now they are included on the list of FIFA World Cup 2018 teams. So, what will they do to win the trophy? Let’ check it in detail and make your prediction about this team.

Brazil World Cup History
FIFA World Cup is not a new thing for Brazil national football team. Even, Brazil is considered as the most successful team in the FIFA World Cup tournament. It can be seen on their achievement in which they won the trophy for 5 times. Brazil won FIFA World Cup for the first time in 1958 and then achieved it back in 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. The most interesting part is that Brazil is the only team which plays in all FIFA World Cup tournaments including FIFA World Cup 2018. The country became the host of FIFA World Cup in 1994.

The Role of Tite
So, how about their performance in FIFA World Cup 2018? Will they win the tournament and be the best this year? People around the world couldn’t forget which might be said as the worst tragedy when Brazil national team beaten by Germany in the significant score, 7-1 in FIFA World Cup 2014. Then, both of the teams were rematch in March in a friendly match to welcome FIFA World Cup 2018. The big hope is on one of the greatest men, Adenor Leonardo Bocchi or Tite, the coach.

It seems that Tite brings something new to Brazilian football. For example, Brazil national team looks better with their 4 – 1 – 4 – 1 formation. The team showed great performance during qualifying matches such as when they won against Ecuador 3 – 1. Now, he has a unique style in which Tite chooses different captain and in 19 matches since May 2018 he had changed the captain for 15 times including Neymar, Renato Augusto, Miranda, and Fernandinho. So, can Tite do more in FIFA World Cup 2018 to keep the team reach the final and win the tournament? Let jus wait and see.

The Key Players
Talking about Brazil football national team, definitely we have to discuss about the key players who bring the team into great performance so far. Actually, it is not hard to mention the key players from Samba team. First, they have Neymar who performed well when Brazil against Croatia. This is his first performance after struggling with serious injury for a few months. Second, Brazil national team also has Casemiro. Casemiro was the one who create the only goal for Brazil before beaten tragically by Germany. Casemiro is a talented midfielder and even now he is called as a life saver. Because of his performance, Casemiro is also chosen as one of the former players by Zinedine Zidane in Real Madrid. Third, Brazilians have to see the performance of Philippe Coutinho. After removed from the list for FIFA World Cup 2014 now he is back. From 13 appearances so far, Coutinho is successfully made 3 goals. Fourth, don’t underestimate the role of Gabriel Jesus and even the fans ask Tite to bring Jesus to the starting lineup. Fifth, there is also Roberto Firmino from Liverpool. Since included on the team, Firmino shows his best performance so far. The combination between Firmino, Neymar, and Gabriel Jesus will make the performance perfect and it hopes that they can score some goals.

Along with the combination of those players, it seems that Brazil football national team is back just like before. It seems that Brazil need to watch out on their back and it hopes that the defenders can the goal safe from hard attacks from the opponents during the matches in Russia. Furthermore, the team also has great goalkeeper. Due to the absence of Dani Alves, Tite seems to make his team to play a little bit defensive. There is a possibility that Marcelo will be play in forward. The point is that Brazil squad is playing well so far with 24 goals in qualifying round. The fact that Brazil won all the qualifying rounds seems to be a good sign that Brazil will be a dangerous team in FIFA World Cup 2018.

The Chance to Be Winning the Round of 16
Brazil is included on Group E and the team has to match against Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. From the statistic, Brazil has a chance to win the game due to the players and experience. It seems that Brazil can beat the opponents in Group E with their football style. Brazil team has a good dribbling style and sometimes combined along with their traditional martial art, capoeira. The strikers seem to give more creative playing style so they can score goals in any and unexpected directions. Moreover, it seems that Tite also tighten up his squad to play defensively in some matches and it works well to balance the performance of the team. Interestingly, Brazil becomes one of the most favorite teams in FIFA World Cup 2018. The main reason is because Neymar is back along with his fantastic performance in qualifying round. Despite of the lost of Dani Alves because of injury, Tite has enough great players to go to the next round and even win their sixth title.

Absolutely because they have enough experience in World Cup without missing any tournaments. Some of the players also have a good experience in Champion League. The interesting fact is that all the players have around 12.5 minutes in Europe’s elite competitions during 2017 up to 2018. Plus, they have more spirit from the loyal Brazilian fans who will boost their performance in all matches. With the detail above, it seems hard to find the weakness of the team. Now, Brazil football national team becomes one of the candidates of the winner besides Germany. Overall, Brazil is ready with their full team to welcome their first match against Switzerland at Rostov Arena Stadium, Costa Rica at Saint Pietersburg Stadium, and Serbia at Spartak Stadium and go to the next round smoothly. Brazil fans are hoped that their best team can play well and bring the title home.