There are several opinion stating that Spain is one of the strongest champion candidates for the World Cup that will be held in Russia this year. Xabi Alonso called Spain one of the teams that could win the 2018 World Cup. According to the former Spanish midfielder, there is no better team available, so far. But still, he adds taht surprises are also possible. Alonso puts them as one of the favorites because he does not see anything better than Spain right now, although he does not know what will happen in the game.

The former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player adds that Germany is also one of the favorites because their team is very strong and always able to compete well. Alonso says that the current Spain National team has similarities with the former Spanish team when they won the world cup in 2010. The similarity lies in the idea of playing, as they are able to control the game with a short pass and do not carelessly aim to the goal. Their style of playing relies so much on their intelligences, abilities of reading the situation, and quality of playing. Alonso claims that these are the factors that distinguish the Spain National team from the other teams.

According to him, one of the secrets of Spain's success is the team spirit to fight for the desired purpose. In addition, Spain has a good combination of senior players and young players. “There is an excellent combination between experienced veterans, who still have great contributions, with young players with high enthusiasm,” Alonso adds, and he thinks that the combination is definitely a positive thing. As we know, Spain was scheduled to play in Group B 2018 World Cup with Portugal, Morocco and Iran.

2018 World Cup Trial Results: Spain and France Win
Spanish and French national team both gained victory in the 2018 World Cup test match, on Sunday, June 10, 2018. During the test match, Spain managed to beat Tunisia 1-0 in a match held in Krasnodar, Russia. A single goal was successfully made by Aspas in the 84th minute of the game.

Aspas actually appeared as a substitute in the game. He entered in the 76th minute to replace Jordi Alba. On the front lines, Spain chose to put Rodrigo as the sole striker, who replaced Diego Costa in the 60th minute. Isco appeared as a starter, but only played 46 minutes and then replaced by Lucas Vasquez.

These results seem to prove that Spain are, indeed, unbeaten in their four test matches, including two draws. They will compete in Group B of the World Cup with Portugal, Morocco and Iran. For your information, in other matches France are only able to draw 1-1 with the United States in Lyon.

Australia also triumphed in the test. They won 2-0 over Hungary. Two goals scored by Daniel Arzani, the youngest player to appear in the World Cup, and by Tamas Kadar. That result makes Australia able to keep the positive image before undergoing the first match of the 2018 World Cup against France. Meanwhile, in the other tests Denmark beat Mexico by 2-0. Two goals in the game was resulted by Yussuf Poulsen and Christian Eriksen.

Only won by a single goal, Spanish coach remains satisfied
Spain's national team won only 1-0 over Tunisia in the final test match ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Iago Aspas became the Spain's goal scorer. Ideally, the Spanish national team must achieve big victories in order to raise the players’ spirit while appearing in the World Cup. However, Spain national team coach, Julen Lopetegui, did not seem to be concerned about the outcome. He remains satisfied to win with only a thin score.

He claims that their team has successfully defeated a very difficult opponent to beat, and Tunisia has not lost in the last nine matches. He continues that in the World Cup, it is very rarely that you will see a team which can win with a score of 3-0 or 4-0.

Based on the schedule, Spain will play their first game when they face Portugal on Saturday, 16th of June next week. After that, La Roja is scheduled to meet Iran and Morocco. This will make the Spain team change their focus to the preliminary round during those six days.
Most of us seem to realize that in the previous game, Spain had trouble in developing the game. The new Matador team could break the deadlock through Iago Aspas scored after the game ran for 85 minutes. Various parties criticized Lopetegui's tactical approach when facing Tunisia. Instead of worrying, the coach actually took the positive side and is very grateful because his foster children did not get injured.
He does think that it was a really tough game, and also admits that they did not achieve the desired rhythm in the first half and kept losing the ball. But he also says that it was all normal in a World Cup game, since they have to play against a good team with a lot of rhythm, even Tunisia managed to draw against Portugal some time ago and they have not unbeaten in nine games.

A big bonus awaits Spain if they win the 2018 World Cup
The Spanish national team has been awaited by big bonus in the event of a successful World Cup title in 2018. The Spanish Football Federation promises 825 thousand euros for each player only if the team can win the championship.

Spain captain, Sergio Ramos, and the federation president, Luis Rubiales, have agreed on the deal. The amount has been agreed in advance, but there was a re-agreement due to the change of the President of the football federation.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that there is a new deal at the 2018 World Cup. The players of the Spanish national team will not receive any bonus at all if it fails to ensure their position in the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals. In addition, every country, usually will give extra prizes if win the World Cup, for example, the players who won the 2010 World Cup received luxury watches. Even so, it is not known what prizes are prepared by Luis Rubiales.